• 2019/10/6: I will be giving a tutorial on Automated Negotiations at PRIMA 2019 in Italy on 29th of this month (See here). The tutorial site is now up and running

Yasser Mohammad


Thank you for visiting my page

I am a researcher at the NEC-AIST Collaboration laboratory  AIRCAIST,  Japan and an Associate Professor at Assiut University, Egypt.

My research interests span the areas of robotics, HRI, multiagent systems, machine learning, and time series analysis.

I worked in academia, small startups, research companies, and research institutes collaborating with engineers, psychologists, and mathematicians.

Since 2010, I taught at all levels from freshmen courses to advanced PhD level courses in computer science, informatics, applied mathematics, software engineering, mechatronics, and robotics.

And, I am still learning ...


You can find my CV as of June 2019 here



Time Series Analysis

Time-series are everywhere. My research related to TSA focuses mostly on change point discovery, motif discovery and causality analysis. We developed several algorithms for each of these problems that are appropriate under a wide variety of circumstances.

Machine Learning

There is no escaping ML these days. Over the years, we utilized ML for solving several problems in robotics, time-series analysis, pyshiopsychological signal analysis, activity recognition, etc. Most of our work in this area is of applied nature.

Multiagent Systems

My main focus in MAS research is on situated automatic and autonomous negotiation under uncertainty. We are also starting to investigate simultaneous negotiations with uncertainty.


In robotics, my main interest was the development of a robotic system capable of interacting naturally with people and learning through these interactions.