SCML Newsletter (June 30th 2021)

This is the fourth SCML newsletter.

SCML is one of the leagues of ANAC 2021 one of the official competitions of IJCAI 2021.

Important Announcement: The deadline for initial submission is July 5th. Teams with no submissions by July 5th at 23:59 AoE cannot run in the official competition.

You MUST submit a 2-pages report of the agent by the deadline of the official competition July 10th at 23:59 AoE. Failure to do so can result in immediate disqualification. Please check the CFP Page 3 (Academic report) for details about this requirement.

  1. We updated the scml-visualizer (v0.2.8) resolving some bugs and adding new visualizations and saner defaults.
  2. Our community is still growing:
  3. The third data release with logs from some of the games ran in the tournaments conducted so far will be published online tomorrow. Please check the competition website for the dataset.
  4. Please be sure to check each of the following items before submitting your agent
  5. It is certainly the time to make sure that you are using descriptive names for your team and agent. Names like Godfather are much easier to remember than Agent71. To change your team’s name, log into the submission websit, goto “Your Team”, and change “Team Name” then remember to save. To change your agent’s name goto “Active Agent” and change both “Agent Name” and “Agent Alias”. The former is the official name that will appear in the results at IJCAI and the later is the name used in the bulletin board (they can be the same).
  6. Newer versions of NegMAS (0.8.5) and SCML (0.4.6) have been published. If you are using pip, upgrading is as simple as running pip install -U negmas scml. We have no major changes this time. Only bug-fixes and speed improvements. For the standard track, we added a new built-in monolithic agent called SatisficerAgent. If you are interested, you can check its implementation here

On Behalf of the SCML Organizing Committee