SCML Newsletter (July 28th 2021)

This is the sixth SCML newsletter.

SCML is one of the leagues of ANAC 2021 one of the official competitions of IJCAI 2021.

  1. Due to an error on our side, the remaining time displayed on the submission website was inaccurate for clients (depending on the time-zone). This was corrected and now the remaining time should be the same in all machines. To avoid a sudden shortening of the perceived remaining time for any participants, we extended the deadline by 12 hours to August 1st 11:59:59 AoE. Please be sure to submit your agent before this time as it is a hard deadline (i.e. the server will automatically stop receiving any new submissions exactly at this time).

  2. Other than the monetary prizes for the winner, second, and third place agents in the three tracks of SCML, we are introducing a new prize called “BIRD Innovation Prize” which can be given to “the most innovative strategy as measured by evaluation of the description (academic report) and implementation (code)”. An agent that was not in the top three according to the score can still win this prize which will be monetarily on-bar with the score-based prizes. Please be sure to make your academic report (and hopefully your code) as clear and descriptive as possible for a chance to win. It is possible to win this prize in addition to being one of the score-based winners in any SCML track.

  3. Our community is stabilizing:

  4. Please be sure to check each of the following items before submitting your agent

  5. Newer versions of NegMAS (0.8.7) and SCML (0.4.8) have been published. If you are using pip, upgrading is as simple as running pip install -U negmas scml. This time we mostly focused on bugfixes.

Important Reminder You MUST submit a 2-pages report of the agent by August 10th at 23:59 AoE. Failure to do so can result in immediate disqualification. Please check the CFP Page 3 (Academic report) for details about this requirement.

We thank our sponsors for supporting SCML:

We also thank Brown University for hosting our website (

On Behalf of the SCML Organizing Committee