Check my github page here for a list of the projects I am currently involved with.

NegMAS: A platform for situated negotiations

NegMAS is a python library for developing autonomous negotiation agents embedded in simulation environments. The name negmas stands for either NEGotiation MultiAgent System or NEGotiations Managed by Agent Simulations (your pick). The main goald of NegMAS is to advance the state of the art in situated simultaneous negotiations. Nevertheless, it can; and was used; in modeling simpler bilateral and multi-lateral negotiations, preference elicitation , etc.

JNegMAS: Java binding for NegMAS

A Java Interface to NegMAS (Negotiation Multiagent System)



MC2: Motif, Change and Causality

This is the MC2 toolbox for change, motif, and causality discovery in time-series.

Just run mc2startup.m and you are good to go.

Yasser Mohammad and Toyoaki Nishida, "MC2: An Integrated Toolbox for Change, Causality, and Motif Discovery", 29th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA/AIE) 2016, pp. 128 -- 141.

PoseCopy: A small toolbox for pose-copying

A unified toolbox allowing several types of humanoids to copy the pose of the upper-torso and head of a human demonstrator. PoseCopy is a library for solving the pose copying problem in closed form for the upper-body of a humanoid robot.